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Updated website for the Foto Festival. Full agenda. Keep checking for new stuff.
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Arles France Promotion for Marfa Open :-: Rencontres de la Photographie
Live in Arles, 14-16 July. Celebrating Marfa and promoting the Foto Festival in October 2016. Featured in Vues Choisies!

Marfa Open :-: Foto Festival
2-9 October 2016
Headquartered at Tacheles Marfa

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Marfa Film Festival 2015
14-18 October 2015

Headquartered at Tacheles Marfa
Film makers dinner: 15 Oct 2015 at Tacheles
Yeah Baby, Dreamy
Vernissage: 27 March 2015, 1700

Show runs 27 March - 19 April 2015

3raum kunst
Carl-Euler-Strasse 28
Gallery 46
Kaiserslautern Germany
+49 170 480 7797

Fabric Art by DUZA

Fridays, 1700-2200
Yeah Baby, after work cocktails

Saturdays, 1300-1800
High Tea served

Sundays, 1300-1800
Get your Knit-on
Cake, Coffee, Knitting

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Languagebank by Christine Herzer
Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre
10, rue des Beaux Arts

Portrait d'Artiste

word contributions banked for Christine's Portrait d'Artiste

Cocktails and Hand Jobs
8-11 October, 2014
Chinati Weekend event
Tacheles Marfa

Jaclyn Rose, Claudia Gross (DUZA), Ruby

antique and contemporary handwork

Marfa Film Festival 2014
Coco Rosie art events
1-7 July, 2014
Tacheles Marfa

music, video, photography
"many things placed here & there to form a place capable of sheltering many other things put here & there" Lawrence Weiner
portraits of Herb and Dorothy
3raum kunst
Silvia van der Poel
remembering Silvia through her love for photography

January - December 2014
3raum kunst
Die Letzte Inszenierung
November 2013
3raum kunst

group art show in Kaiserslautern organized by Thomas Brenner

3raum kunst presented a gallery show of music, lyrics, video, sculpture, and photography entitled "The Last Scene of the Last Act. The End."
the Allegory of Goodness, Dresden
guerilla dinner for the closing of the Art/Bombing show
9 Feb 2013
3raum kunst
Magnum Poisson Wild Magma
Art/Bombing 2012
3raum kunst
ebook available
Art Studio and Gallery: 3raum kunst
Carl-Eulerstrasse 28
67663 Kaiserslautern
continuous art events
Porsche Headquarters Gallery
26 February - 11 March, 2009

Dr. Hans-Jörg Wertenauer
Stuttgart - Vaihingen
7 September 08 - 10 March 09
abstracted Self-Portraits
Birkenstr. 215
November 9 - December 12, 2007
Dear Diary
Filling the Unfilled Gap with Unfinished Beauty
Rendel Spitz, Köln
January 2006
Filling gaps to create a more peaceful, beautiful world, and Re-filling badly filled gaps.
More Art Less Suffering
On iPad, scroll text on touchscreen