Seph ITZ         
forms of Passion
that share an enlightened Moment

Touch a Depth
Watch a Sound
Be Moved

Simple Beauty:
to de-escalate, de-tox, re-new
simple, reduced expressions; the warmth of Quiet Confidence
peaceful and comfortable

and, serious: the accumulated weight of time, place, circumstance
a complex gnashing of layer upon layer upon layer upon layer
the gift of knowing and doing

nothing artificial, no manipulation
light, nature, a moment in time

the speed of life

a non-spectacular drama, achieving an awareness that is endearing and enduring. Showing that the most beautiful place in the world may be a feeling - and finding a passage to take you there.
Unfinished Beauty
Visual depths penetrating layers of physical Beauty,

my hope is that some of these images fire your imagination,

liberating thought, feeling, and expression,

the excitement of Beauty lived fully and deeply.

and in the end
there is more to be said and done.
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